Napkins and Flowers

Seriously, I have to let you know what I have been up to these past couple days! It is truly too exciting not to share!


I have been making napkins!!

More to come as to why I am just over the moon for napkins, but I can’t help to share these few pictures. The possibilities are endless with these wonderful napkins and below is just a brief sense of to what could be and could come from napkins!!!

A massive shout out to my mom, or Mrs. Dillydally, who helped me dust off my sewing machine (literally, it was insanely dirty…eww) and get back to fabric, thread, and bobbins. In an effort to share, show, and inspire how to host and live an inspired life…this first napkin marks the start of something wonderful.

So honored you will all be joining me in this journey! 1st napkin2 1st napkin1

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