Holiday Party Style Moment

My favorite part….image planning!!! Outfit, make up, jewelry, shoes, accessories, hair….you name it, it’s ALL planned and purposeful!

So let me give you the details!!!

Elsa with branch and nails2

Since there is no snow in LA, I really wanted to bring that wintery and icy feel through my image….so white on white! Silvery accents in my nails, shoes, and the sparkles in my top. I love a wintery look!!

And since I am in sunny southern Cali, wearing a crop top in December is completely acceptable…so under my lacy top I sported a basic white crop top!

Full length snow white skirt with silver pumps!

Elsa with lime green treescropped Elsa eating cookie3

Hair accessories are the BEST! There is nothing more organic and natural then flowers or live plants in your hair. It’s my fav, fav, fav! Holly is especially perfect not only for the season, but you can manipulate it to be easily added to any hair style.

With the wintery/icy vibe I was going for…a Nordic braid seemed to really add to the theme! A touch of holly and you have the perfect Holiday hair moment for the party!

Make up is a small winged liner and a bright pink lip. Pink lip for holiday is unexpected and interesting in a sea of red lips this time of year….so rock it! There are no rules!

I would love to hear how you celebrated the season with your image! Leave your tips and comments below!

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