My Christmas Celebration 2014

The celebration of Christmas has evolved for me over the years! This is the busiest time of the year for my job so I need to be present and available for work which makes traveling home not really an option…so creating a special day for Christmas is important for me. This year I got to celebrate this holiday with my boyfriend and my roommate, my cat Peder. We ate yummy food, drank our Moscow Mules, and exchanged gifts. Enjoying and spoiling each other made Christmas extra special this year!

Elsa setting up the spread spread and presents Champange and spread presents3

Wrapping presents is my favorite thing to do!! I love the theme and presentation of beautiful gifts on any occasion! This year I choose gold and newspaper. I wanted to have a type of contradiction between the shiny gold and the rough newspaper. Wrapped gifts add to the decor and create anticipation of receiving your presents!

Christmas selfie6 Elsa with homemade pillow Elsa with Elsa Shirt Dmitri Laughing

The Holiday’s are what you make them! Feel inspired to create what you want this season! Please share below how you created your holiday!

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