Ok so why a blog…

…it’s that moment when you realize everything you thought was important just…isn’t. When you realize the only constant thing in your life is yourself and you’ve got to do whatever you can to be full and to live fully…well this is my ” full.”

My Purpose…

Being full for me is living a life that is creative, thoughtful, purposeful, and inspiring for the people I meet. Taking time out of a busy day to create something, by letting yourself feel and be inspired by what is around you…to enrich your life! The purpose of my blog is to share in my quest to create an inspired life!

My passions involve creating memorable moments through hosting, using my cosmetic background to inspire something new for you, creating food that is interesting and nostalgic, crafting little odds and ends that make life prettier, sharing my leadership and professional experiences, providing you with my take on style and trends, all with the idea that you feel inspired to create a beautiful world around you.

My story so far…

I am a curious learner. Passionate about random details. A recovering perfectionist. A teacher. A sexy cat lady. Welcomed to change. An idea person. A visionary. Always looking for fun, bright, and light. A giver. A lover. A hopeful optimist.  I believe in people. I hale from Alaska, lived in Minneapolis, spent some time in San Francisco, and currently reside in LA.

Elsa on the beach

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